Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why QWERTY was invented

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The QWERTY keyboard was invented in the early 1870s. The man behind this great invention is Christopher Sholes, the publisher and was also a printer. Through trial and error, he perfected his invention, and overall it has taken him six years to finally perfect the typewriter. In 1878 a patent is created on a typewriter. It 'was a drawing of a type writer, as are the letters and alphabets indicate.

Today there are too many alternatives toQWERTY excellent. We Maltron Keyboard, Dvorak Simplified Keyboard have and much more. These alternatives could not be better, while some of them are similar in many ways.

QWERTY is widely used for mobile phones in those days. This is an act very good considering the fact that the majority of mobile phones to act as a mini-laptop as well. With features such as e-mail and instant messages, we might have a QWERTY keyboard to speed things up. Stand on the boy with traditional keyboards,that would be more time to write e-mail or instant messages.

Unlike SMS, Instant Messages like Yahoo Messenger is much easier to use with QWERTY. In addition to e-mail, we would be with QWERTY in mobile navigation. Imagine surfing the various blogs and websites and type slowly when we are looking for something important. cool with this invention, we might have more speed. This is convenience. It would be much better to have the QWERTY keyboard on the phone thatprovide e-mail and instant messaging features.

The invention of the QWERTY is actually the most important thing for laptops, computers and mobile phones. With this invention, we are able to surf the web much more on mobile phones. No matter where you are, QWERTY is part of our lives. Why not learn to use it and love it?


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