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Latest Android Phone on the market is Samsung Behold II

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The Samsung Behold II is yet another android phone from T-Mobile USA, which offered mid-November. There is clearly a full touch screen smartphone from these high-quality line of phones, and offers stunning multimedia powerhouse. There are a lot of advanced features of this model to be expected. It promises to deliver the Web faster, supports Wi-Fi for the enrichment of the data and, of course, the high-speed 3G network of T-Mobile.

The Samsung Behold II isIn fact, the first smartphone from T-Mobile, which offers a display of 3.2 "AMOLED, nice bright, vivid colors has more prospects. You can be sure that the experience of well-being since the beginning, when the handset from the show because the camera box 5 megapixel camera fits into it luster, as it has come autofocus, zoom, flash, five shooting modes and amazing video capabilities.

The II is dependent on the cube Samsung intuitive menu provides quick access tomore than half a dozen of multimedia features, whether photos, video, music, Web, YouTube, or Amazon MP3 downloads are music.

The Samsung TouchWiz user interface makes this innovative android phone in a simple one-touch access to personalized and mobile widgets. There are three start-up screens for your mood changes, in which everyone can arrange for different jobs with different application programs, links and favoritesWidgets.

Google Mobile services are with the Samsung Behold II, as integration of Google Maps, Google Search, Gmail, Google Talk, YouTube and many other applications and games that can be downloaded for android Market.

The Wi-Fi allows users to access e-mail and corporate e-mail with Exchange Active Sync with instant messaging, text messaging, picture and video messaging. Other advanced features include GPS technology, visual voice mail,microSD memory card and, of course, Bluetooth version 2.1.

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Compare Android - Droid EVO X Vs HTC 4G

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He recently created two well-known companies, Motorola and HTC, new phones, which many have received high remarks: Motorola HTC Droid Evo X and 4G. Both are equipped with tons of features and the same operating system to run on android 2.1 lets you run multiple applications simultaneously. But which phone is better? Let's find out.

The X-Droid is looking for a truly elegant mobile phone and is provided with a OMAP 3630 processor running at 1 GHz, which by many as thefastest on the market and is the reason why this phone is the best smartphone out there multitasking, not multiple applications simultaneously. Some of the most remarkable features of the phone is its 4.3-inch touchscreen and 720p up to 40 GB of disk space. HD internal 8 GB to 32 GB on a MicroSD card Other features include an 8 MP camera, DLNA compatibility with HDMI micro, 3G capabilities, and 3 microphones for noise reduction and better voice quality. smartphone canbe used as a hot spot, so you can use your phone to other phones to connect to the Internet.

Now we want to examine, Evo 4G. As you can probably see from the name, it has 4G capacity, which is pretty sweet. Just like with the HTC Motorola has a 4.3''high-definition display and can be used as a hot spot. HDMI provides an interface allows you to connect your telephone touch on a large TV that is really useful for watching videos. It has an 8 MP camera in the back and a different, 1.3 MP cameraforward so that video calls are easy. While 4G makes the Internet faster, as available, not available anywhere and makes you pay a larger mobile phone bill. It also has a 1 GHz CPU Snapdragon, one of the fastest processors out there and supports multi-tasking, but it is not quite as fast as the Droid.

As you can see both the Evo X and 4G Droid, tons of features are similar, so it was hard to decide which was best touch phone. But afterConsidering all the data was the clear choice for me.

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HTC Black Desire

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The new HTC Desire is now brown, a new black case next to the original model, the HTC Desire Black Edition has the same great features, technology and design are original listeners and put them in a sleek new black finish.

One of the most popular mobile phones on the market you are seeking, the desire to prove a problem for many networks and retail trade, with demand outstripping supply. This proves to be the new black HTC Desire even more popular withConsumers want a bit 'of exclusivity.

The main features of this new HTC phone has a 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen, 5.0 megapixel camera, a fast processor at 1GHz and the last 2.1 of the android operating system.

As an android phone of desire is granted access to more than 30,000 new applications and games to download at super fast speed 3.5G HSDPA technology as well, navigation is also Wi-Fi and GPS built-in wireless and satellite.

L 'The main competition for the HTC Desire is the latest Google Phone, the Nexus. This new phone called the 'Super' by Google is really from HTC for the giant of search engines, and in our honest opinion is inferior in terms of features compared to their wish-made model.

The Nexus is the old style trackball for navigating its menu system physics, but this is not excessive, as the multi-touch screen technology means that the user requires about accessMain screen.

The desire HTC replaced the trackball with an optical trackpad allows you to simply finger more like an optical mouse. The Nexus One also does not support 10.1 outside the Flash window, while the desire and the mobile phone, HTC is the user interface effect, which many argue, one of the best on the market.

The Black HTC Desire is a mobile network exclusively on the Orange network, this means that for a limited period of consumerBeing able to, deals, latest Android phone to connect this Orange contract. After this first exclusive of other network operators expired may also take the new Black Edition Android phone and we suspect that soon appear as a SIM free device a lot.

HTC has had a busy year so far introduced several new models including the Legend brand new version of HTC, which is running the same OS, Android 2.1, but the streamlined dimensions of pleasure and offersa 3.2-inch touch screen - is actually an upgrade for existing portable Hero.

Recently, the manufacturer has made available its new HTC HD mini-phone which is a more compact version of the popular HD2 are available for HTC devices based on Windows, but the new mini HD lose weight and mass of a touch screen 3 0.2 -inch offering HD2 massive 4.3-inch plant makes for some pocket money-friendly.

There is also a new Silver Edition HTC Desire on the road, even ifNo release date yet confirmed.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Photo Manager - Easily Mange Android Phone Photos

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Are your digital photos is growing in your phone? Want to save the trouble of managing PC? Photo Manager is the application you need. It is a multifunctional application to be used specifically for viewing, editing and managing digital photos only from the phone android. I think many people, especially girls want cell phones to take pictures of her, and then you need an easy wizards to organize and optimize your digital images.

It allowsto classify images according to time (the date) and folder (in alphabetical order), have a clear vision of the images. In addition, pictures taken by camera phone and a list of all the images are copied by other means. As known to all, including personal photos for the privacy that you do not, incidentally others.This instrument to be seen, this claim for you personal pictures, a folder to meet in order to collect the images private. Users mustEnter the password each time to enter this folder. You can share some personal pictures that you do not want others to see the function to hide the photos.

You can preview the images in the gallery, which is useful for viewing pictures one after another.Whether rotate, zoom and crop images, with the application, time is fast, easy and safe. They can also implement the function of automatic search and view files from the SD card every time the entry of this application.

In summary, we can sayPhoto Manager is a practical tool, the phone makes it easy to view, edit and organize digital photos from your android.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The LG GW620 - The advantages of Android

Image :

There are a lot of benefits for the owner of an android phone. Get ready to enjoy all these advantages with the LG GW620. The android mobile phone from LG has both a wide range of functions and menu options. Looking more like a notebook as small as a cell phone, there is much to expect the first Android phone from LG.

Mobile Application Capabilities

When it comes to mobile applications, this phone has it all. Performs a variety of mobileGW620 applications are no longer the case. This simply means that you have the market power of choice and download thousands of mobile applications for Android and mostly free from the regular mobile phone especially for you.

Features high speed

Since everything about the LG GW620 Android is, it takes more than broadband capabilities to meet your needs Android. With a mobile operating system Android, will be browsing experience on this phoneimpeccable. Additionally, this mobile operating system will ensure that all mobile applications to run smoothly.

Automatic face recognition Tagging Face-to-Action

This is one of the innovative features of the LG GW620. The phone will automatically recognize the faces of friends and family. The function of face-to-action of this phone, you can participate in activities of social networking, text and phone calls simply by touching only their faces on your phoneScreen.

Threaded SMS and Instant Messaging

Instant messaging or IM is always a problem with traditional phones. With a QWERTY keyboard with five rows, will never be a problem with this phone from LG. In addition, text messages in a threaded format, such as IMS. This simply means that you can easily keep track of all your SMS messages.

Push e-mail in real time

When it comes to checking your e-mail, you do not need to check your mail on this phone.With push e-mail in real time, is easy to see the notification when you have incoming emails. This means that you are getting incoming e-mail whenever you can get more information.

The Handy Book Link

Connect with Facebook, you can be sure that your stay in any social network in real time here. With this feature, you must always keep in touch with family and friends.

With all this, your mobile experience to be anything but boring. With the LG GW620 you get all the benefits ofan Android phone.

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What do you know about Android Phones?

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Developers of mobile phone for all major networks have started with the android operating system for their phones. You've probably heard that the "Google Phone" is, other smartphones a run for popularity. It 'true that Google's mobile phones are increasingly popular. This is probably because cell phones that are currently published, are modeled after existing and popular smartphone. Google has been careful, what the public wants andvery difficult to give him what he wants. Here are some interesting facts about cell phones that android operating system, running that you may not know already.

Did you know that android OS users do not pay so often for applications to iPhone users? We found a recent study that half of all iPhone owners are questions that are not cost you pay for shows. The same study shows that about twenty percent of phone users pay only for android applications. Although this is probablyIn some, if the section of the current demand Android market gets bigger, for now, the less financial responsibility of the iPhone users as Android users. That may not seem like something more, but for some people is very important to praise! In general, the Android OS phones are cheaper than other smartphones. The cost is usually at least a few hundred dollars for an iPhone or a Blackberry now. At the same time, many mobile operators allow customers to take homeAndroid phones for free as a reward for renewing their contracts. So, without dropping hundreds of dollars, you can use all options of the same text, the owners of other smartphones. To help people save money is a good way to shine brighter than the competition. Finally, there is no reason, three or four hundred dollars to spend, if it is not necessary.

Right now there are rumors that Google might say the creation of Android, the memory cardStorage capacity. This was one of the most important on the Apple iPhone Google Android phones in the past had. If this is done for Android phones will totally change the index of popularity between the two phones. Do not be surprised if you see, now Android, which is a memory card, memory cards make the iPhone can get pretty lame. Google is known for its level of competitiveness - they want the best and brightest in theirMarkets.

You can probably think of many reasons to select phones available for Android in the smartphone are the others. The fact is that the Android operating system is amazing. We are not saying that just because we are fans of the operating system, we say it because it's true! The Android system updates are released all the time and because the system is based on open source, can develop in all applications and upgrades for them. Android phones could not have the popularity that the otherSmart phones have, but that will change very soon. Soon, the Google phone, no doubt, become at least as popular (if not more popular) than "traditional" models of smartphones.

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GT540 Vs LG Swift GW620

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Almost a year after the Korean mobile phone manufacturer, LG, its first android phone, the GW620, which then release a new model of android phone, the GT540. LG has given consumers a first look at their latest mobile phone model in January at the International Consumer Electronics Show. The event has confirmed rumors of a second android phone from LG that has been circulating online since last November.

LG The GT540 is equipped with various functionsto keep certain people with the mobile phone used. And like the GW620 the Swift is a 3G smartphone that supports the android operating system developed by Google. But how exactly is the difference to its predecessor? Let's take a look and see.

Difference in appearance

Take a look at two Android phones and you will see the difference outside of the models.

First, the size of the two phones. The GT540 is thin with dimensions of 109 by 55 by13 mm at the GW620 size of 109 by 54.5 by 15.9 mm contrast. The slender shape of the Swift makes it easy to grip. The Swift is also easier, since only 116 grams, it weighs 139 grams, while the GW620 Although both models have a 3.0 inch TFT touch screen with 256,000 colors display functions, the Swift does not come with GW620 is QWERTY keyboard.

The Swift has a unique design, with rounded upper and lower contrast to GW620 and curved smoothContours. The GT540 is available in different colors black, white and pink and GW620 in the black, gray and blue.

Their functions

Both the GT540 Swift LG GW620 and provide users with various messaging services such as email, IM, SMS and MMS, which allows mobile users to insert video, photos, music and other files in the message. Your phone can also book a series of numbers.

When it comes to internet connectivity, users can begood to provide users to connect to different agents and look on the Internet. Thus, both models are equipped with 3G HSDPA 7.2 Mbps, which can quickly and wireless technology, users of wireless Internet access on the move can go to connect.

The phones also support GPRS and EDGE. Both features provide high data transfer speeds when transferring files between the gadget. The standard feature of the micro-USB and Bluetooth for connecting to other gadgets, including wireless or cable isin both models.

When it comes to entertainment, both models are equipped with a camera (even if the GW620 has a higher MP camera with 5MP, 3MP unlike Swift), FM radio and music player that can play virtually any type of music in various formats file.

What distinguishes the Swift apart from its predecessors is its social networking site manager. This feature lets users have instant access to Facebook, Twitter, Bebo and other social networking sites. LG is proud of thisFunction for almost everyone wants to be updated on recent events.

Which is better?

The question is whether the GW620 Swift is better than the user's preference. Both phones provide users with basic services, advanced messaging and connectivity. But if you have a slim phone that can connect to the Internet and to facilitate access to social networking sites, so the Swift the right phone for you.

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