Tuesday, July 6, 2010

App Review : Floating Image

Best Android App so far is, I realise, a fairly bold statement. Whether it’s a true statement or not is difficult to say without trying all the others first. But this is my favourite one so far, and it really does a great job of highlighting everything this blog stands for. Its simple, fun, intuitive and it just works. Oh and it’s free which always goes a long way with me.

It’s basically a replacement for Androids rather clunky photo viewing tool. All the photos on your phone and even your flikr stream, facebook and picassa account can be shown, all at one time. They fly by the screen in a randomly stacked up fashion with a nice 3D effect. You simply tap one to view it full screen. It caches your downloaded images to speed things up.

Its a great job and my hat goes off to the guy who claims that he wrote it as a way to learn developing on the Android.

If you want it, just search for floating image in the android market place


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