Monday, July 5, 2010

App Review : Super KO Boxing 2

It seems like sports amateur are now all the acerbity on the Android with Hockey Nation 2010, Backbreaker Football, and now Super KO Battle 2 all actualization on the Android in the accomplished few weeks. Depending on your claimed preferences, Super KO Battle 2 may in fact be the best of the lot. It's a huge game... but Glu Mobile was acute abundant to download all 80+ meg of that added abstracts to the SD agenda so this bold doesn't yield up abundant of your centralized accumulator amplitude at all. I LIKE that! Second, the bold comes in two flavors... $4.99 and chargeless with ads (and the ad accurate adaptation is IDENTICAL to the $4.99 version). Being a cheapskate I went with the chargeless one.

One affair that is added arresting for me is the acceptance that already I amount a bold I'll anon apperceive how to play through clairvoyance. I annoy of amateur that do not cover instructions as a bald minimum (or bigger yet, a tutorial system). Super KO Battle 2 makes this mistake. Accept it or not, while I don't like to apprehend instructions I do like to accept them as a advancement for if I assuredly accept that I don't apperceive what I am doing. It took me a while to amount out that angry involves added than application the block button and the on awning 'super charge' meter, but rather requires swipes to acreage punches. It took an anytime best while for me to apprehend that annexation doesn't plan able-bodied because I just charge to tap on the awning area I wish to punch. But already I ample all of that out the bold played absolute well... until I got agape out. The bold does accommodate onscreen apprenticeship there... tap the awning as the numbers accommodated in the centermost of the awning (it'll accomplish added faculty if you play it) and I, for the activity of me, can't assume to do that.

The cartoon and complete in the bold are phenomenal... just yield a attending at the screenshot. Absolute nice, cartoony cartoon and a agglomeration of opponents anniversary with a personality. They even action an online action adviser to advice you get accomplished acutely absurd opponents. All things said and done this is a bold of acquirements your opponent's weaknesses and base them... affectionate of like absolute boxing. The bold offers a few altered ascendancy systems in agreement of button adjustment and whether or not the accelerometer is used, but punches are accursed off via borer on the blow screen.

All things advised this bold is abundant and I can't accept they've appear a chargeless abounding adaptation accurate by advertising. That has to be beginning business and I just don't see it paying off unless they are accepting paid by impression... for a alpha the ads don't affect bold play during the absolute game, but rather just during loading sequences and downloading the antecedent burden of bold data. However, if you're honest and you play the bold through added than 5 fighters you actually owe it to Glu Mobile and the activity of the Android belvedere to pay for the $5 version. It will accept been account it and your dollars are about a vote for whether development of approaching Android amateur is worthwhile. In the meantime, if you're borderline amuse accord this appellation a try unless you actually abominate boxing... you ability be afraid how abundant you like it. 5/5 stars.


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