Monday, November 1, 2010

Android System Info - Know Your Android

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I'm sure everyone wants to know what happens "inside" your android phone. And that's where android comes out System Info - Free Application of Electric Sheep. There are over 50 + Info System applications on the market, but this is my first choice.

android Info System has 5 cards and each card contains tons of information on your android phone.

first driver and a dashboard that shows the welcome screen, battery info, memory info, SD card,RAM, availability, type of network and IP address.

Second tab - information system is what this application is so different from similar applications. Information about operating system build, info, battery, memory, low memory killer lever, telephony, networks, Wi-Fi, CPU, camera, video, sensors, environment, characteristics and properties of Java!

third tab - Tasks - shows a list of running applications and memory usage for each application. You may end at any task, so do information system Androida task manager too.

Questions is the fourth rider. It uses the original applications handle option (Settings> Applications> Applications).

Finally - Diaries - Android information in real time! Get to know your Android. There is something hidden? He has found some applications to use the connection without your knowledge? Very useful!

This is a must for any Android phone: Yes, it shows a lot of geek stuff (half of whom do not understand), but also shows some important information that I need. Know and monitor in real time ... fantastic!

To download this amazing search application for Android Market Android system info (of electric sheep). I have said it's free?


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