Saturday, November 6, 2010

T-Mobile is the first release Sony Ericsson X10

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The first android phone from Sony Ericsson has been released, the Sony Ericsson X10, the network is part of the Xperia manufacturer now offers T-Mobile has started.

announced before the last 12 months of this first android phone to her was to be released some time, there were fears that the technology because of its delayed launch of the fall, would be in terms of who is behind the producers implemented new models with competingCharacteristics.

This is the case with some of the newer phones, including mobile phone and HTC Nexus One Desire both use the same processor at 1 GHz, but the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 things a little competitive devices that have found work on the supply continues to grow android phones.

These include the highest specification in a camera phone android, the X10 Sony 8.1 megapixel camera with a number ofCharacteristics, which is the producer known for his series Cyber-shot mobile phone imaging. Also new from Sony Ericsson's new Cape Times, this is a feature that acts like a friend Stream by HTC and HTC Desire MOTOBLUR on the new Motorola phone Backflip found.

Cape Times grapes together the social-networking updates from Facebook, Twitter and more completely in addition to text messages and e-mail to the user what their friends are kept in a continuously updatedFlow of information.

Competition with the new Sony Xperia X10 is not only the powerful HTC Desire and Nexus phones but Motorola Milestone offers the same 5.0 megapixel camera, but can also, a full QWERTY keyboard for those who bring out the physical printing and integrate key when entering text.

There are also offers for Android budget for those not able to pay the higher price of this phone is the latest Sony Ericsson, SamsungGalaxy portal, which is also known as the Galaxy Spica, is a good touch screen size resolution with a little 'less from the camera to the price tag and keep your LG launch GT540 will soon drop the price even more.

Even though the first T-mobile network device for receiving Xperia X10 others have now confirmed that they also carry this new, new Android mobile phone that will also be made available as a SIM free will by the end ofMonth, and on Pay As You Go scheme for those who can not pass the credit check to obtain a telephone network for a job.

Sony Ericsson did not have their phone Android line-up the release of their HD support Vivaz collection of Sony Ericsson, this mobile phone through new set in silver and black colors red, and all support HD video recording back 720p TV , who has played in it can be.


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