Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Driinn Mobile Phone Holder Color: Orange

Driinn Mobile Phone Holder Color: Orange Review

Driinn Mobile Phone Holder Color: Orange Overview

HH14-O Color: Orange Pictured in black Driinn is the result of a successful joint venture between an Italian design firm Banal Extra (Milan, Italy) and DutchUS (Breda, Netherlands). While Driinn is the primary product of Driinn Ltd, more products will be introduced in the future. These guys are great for charging small handheld electronics such as: iPods, mobile phone, Mp3 player or a PDA device, Black Berries and small digital cameras.They provides a support for your device and convenient storage for your charging cord so avoid pesky tangled cords. Designed by: Driinn Features: -Available in several colors. -Holds mobile phone and stores cord while charging. -Material: plastic and rubber. -Overall Dimensions: 4.5'' H x 3'' W x 3'' D.

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