Saturday, August 21, 2010

HTC Touch Pro2 is different

The HTC Touch Pro2 is a beautiful phone. It catches the eye of passersby. It comes in a silver case with a smoky mirror face. He has good size and feels good when held. Its dimensions are 4.57 by 2.33 by 0.68 cm. The phone weighs only 6.61 ounces. It can be a bit 'heavy for its size but very comfortable to wear. The company that hand has been designed with great care and caution.It set a very well designed andPhone built. It has a strong robust body with rounded corners to give a class.

The huge size of the HTC Touch brings a large touchscreen and Pro2. Has a nice 3.6-inch WVGA touchscreen. This screen has a five thousand and sixty prints in color and has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. The excellent display makes images and text messaging very easy to read and see because of the higher brightness and sharpness.

This large screen makes it very convenientcan you see and read Web pages and e-mail and also minimizes the long scrolling pages. The screen has an accelerometer that automatically rotates the screen from portrait to landscape profile profile fitted. The accelerometer is very sensitive and reacts very quickly.

The screen on HTC Touch Pro2 is a resistive touchscreen instead of a capacitive one. The screen is very easy to use and can also be used with your fingers. This phone uses the HTC TouchFLO 3D interface andoffers the possibility to add or remove tabs on the homepage on the needs and requirements of users. Another feature is the QWERTY keyboard.

This is a great keyboard with all keys distributed. The keyboard allows the user a very fast and very few mistakes. The keys of the QWERTY keyboard keys are not slippery that kind of help. The HTC Touch Pro2 also has all other basic features that should have a new generation of mobile phones.


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