Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Maximize productivity with your Android phone

When the issues of productivity, the system or you need to keep in place with your needs. work for the mobile professional performance of a laptop so rarely and not always the best way to maximize productivity. slow as the basis for the draft charter and task lists, mass and limited skills quickly, even the best plans.

Fortunately, the development of smart phones reached a critical point. Much more than a mobileCommunications, smart phones are an efficient and effective manner to maximize productivity. I studied and experimented with different smart phones and landed directly on android operating system. Not only on my handle communication needs but also help design and implementation of my organization and productivity of the system.

As a small business owner from undertaking part-time sales manager for a Fortune 250 International Corporation, an official in my town, a husband and father ortwo are necessary to maximize the time, become more productive and more organized. With the help of a couple of applications based on android on my phone, I can perform all tasks I have for my career and still have enough time to the quality of my personal life.

Here's what I do.

Google Apps

The android operating system integrates with many of the free Google Apps. Especially for productivity, Google Calendar, Google Mail, Docs, Tasks, and Voice. Each of these applications are free and require onlyCreate a Google Account.

Google Calendar integrates and automatically updates the calendar on my phone android, where I am. With the added ability to share my calendar, my business partners can view, edit and add events to my calendar. These changes are synchronized directly to my phone. Since I rarely in my office, with live updates from the Google Sync app on my phone, I can trust that I know always what it seems my days in constant evolution.

The integrated e-mailBox on Android is capable of handling many of my personal and business e-mail, including Gmail account. My split in box from my Gmail account to another, as I use this account for personal use only. Maintain separate personal and business productivity is wonderfully made easy with the Android operating system.

Google Docs allows me to store files for future review and file sharing for cooperation. His response to my clients in my area and criticalhas the capacity for cooperative file sent directly to my phone, gave me the opportunity to return to customers quickly and accurately.

Google Voice is by far my favorite Google App Google Voice Application, which is a free download from the Android Market works well with my voice account. I can not get copies of my voice mail via e-mail on my phone, but I can also set up multiple outgoing messages. I've got news for customers in particular, my companyPartners, family and friends, as well as unknown caller. The degree of customization is incredible and it can be used creatively to make a major customer feel as if they are the most important person in the world. The ability to manage and edit all my duties Google Voice of my phone is a powerful productivity gains which now depends on my activity.

For those who are timid, as well as all the free Google Apps, Astrid is a simple but effective application, which is a free download is available. Withits ability to sync with your account at "Remember The Milk.com" Astrid the application can be automatically synchronized and backed up directly to and from the Android phone. Astrid provides another measure of control over tasks,'s clean and simple interface and Google does the project management to-do lists or pleasant.

As I have already used or possessed a variety of smartphones, I am confident when I say that the Android operating system and the large number of Android applications efficiently and effectivelycombination of productivity available. Although there are many other applications for the Android operating system and other smartphones, this combination did wonders for me and my company. Also, all apps can be listed here 100% free!


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