Thursday, September 30, 2010

If you are CECT phones with AT & T SIM cards?

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I often get e-mail the question of "CECT AT & T phone." I usually have to explain that there is no telephone, but that each of CECT mobile phones to work with a network that uses GSM SIM card. I'll explain later in the following article.

GSM SIM Card Technology Vs CDMA) and Code Division Multiple GSM What is the difference (communications?: In the world of mobile phones, there are two competing technologies - Global System for MobileAccess (CDMA). different airlines use different technologies. For example, Verizon, Sprint and Metro PCS use CDMA. AT & T and T-Mobile use GSM. Some people believe that CDMA technology to make Internet connections faster, but now that carriers have GSM version of 3G, I think this is no longer the case. Some rural areas do not provide coverage with both technologies, but many people can choose between the two.

As I said before, all CECTGSM phones, SIM cards. Most have two slots you can use two sims from one carrier or another card with two different carriers. Both work well.

Options with AT & T phones CECT: People often ask me: "I need a contract with AT & T to clone the SciPhone i9 or others?" The answer to this question is no. But if you have a plan and you are satisfied with it, all you have to do, remove the SIM cardThe old and the new phone. All your contacts, dates, calendars, etc. should be saved.

If you do not currently have a contract that is completely OK enough. AT & T is talking about a GSM GoPhone prepaid option call, includes text, MMS and data. There are a few options with this. Typically, you pay per minute and KB of data, but a six pack or monthly special offers, saving money.

If you do not want, but go prepaiddo not want a contract with, a hybrid between the two is the "Pick Your Plan option, which is more than a pay as you plan. There is no control of the contract or credit here, but you pay the same amount each month , unless you chose a different option. For example, you could get 300 minutes for $ 39.99, but minutes do not count mobile mobile for 300 minutes, so you know when the time to talk more and more. And you can still get the bundle that are available for GoPhone ifIf you are a serious writer, or Internet users.

You really see how to exploit each of these features (speech, text, Internet) to determine what works and the most convenient for you. But if you go with a prepaid contract or pay as you go, AT & T certainly does with this phone. You can use the old SIM, buy directly from the dealer, get a line, or if you can not wait, buy a cheap GoPhone and use the SIM card. ButThis is more expensive than the top of the chart and remember to activate the card before you try to use it. Many people write me and say, the phone does not work, but that's because you try to use a card is not activated.


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