Monday, September 20, 2010

Top 3 Security Apps for your Android Phone

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Keeping your phone android security should be of paramount importance. They have a lot of important data that are stored on this. Not only you do not want your personal information in the hands of the wrong person. You do not want to spend money to replace your phone. It is therefore necessary to re-enter the data into the new phone, which is a waste of time. I'll see the applications to keep your phone secure.


The Lookout has tons of application securityFeatures such as virus protection, firewall and intrusion prevention. The best part is that they are extremely light, so as not to block your phone are. Lookout for help even if your phone is lost or stolen. You can access the Web on any computer and keep track of phone. Just click the Browse button and show you where the phone is on the map. Finally comes up with Lookout. There is a backup of all your personal information, including contacts, photos, videos,E-mail and SMS messages.


WaveSecure app is another great security, which is similar to Lookout. WaveSecure you can lock the phone via the web interface, so that becomes useless when you have lost your mobile phone. You can also create a message and an audible alarm. Like Lookout, you can even track the phone with WaveSecure. You can remove an auto-backup, or trigger a backup of the site. The only great feature WaveSecureLookout offers that do not cancel the function. You can register the web interface and remotely delete all data from your phone.


Protector is another great application, but is different than the previous two applications. Protector can password protect any application on your phone or a feature of an app. Can be a great security program that very useful for many users. Protector you can password-protect android App. SMS, Gmail,E-mail, settings, photos, calendar, notepad, chat ... or whatever you want to be able to set a password is an option.

They are also able to protect only certain features of applications you need. There is no solution that applications will be jeopardized. Even with a Task Manager does not prevent applications lose their protection. If you uninstall the App Protector, you do the PIN!

The only complaint with this application is that there is no recovery pins. If youForget your PIN are totally fucked. This is a big challenge just to make sure you have somewhere.

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