Thursday, September 23, 2010

LG 3000 CDMA Mobile Phone

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Since the CDMA technology is popular in India, has won a number of players have started in the CDMA mobile devices-LG as a leader in the field. Offers a range of CDMA phones in every price range and the CDMA-3000 is a stylish low-budget mobile phone

By Look

This is a phone for the masses to think and gives you many interesting features at a very low price. The best thing about this phone is the design and weight. It weighs onlyA total of 80gms and is very comfortable to wear. The phone is not only easy, but it is also very good in design and appearance and gives the impression of a mobile smart, sophisticated.


This is a phone for the people of India. The reason behind the provision of a Hindi user interface on this device. The user interface allows you to Hindi in Hindi by the news and even control the heading.

This property makes it an ideal choice for anyWho is most at ease with the operating system in Hindi and is a bit 'difficult with other phones that use only English. It also makes this phone an ideal gift for seniors who like to use a cell phone, but not because of language barrier.

Power and communication

The good thing about this phone is that not only the regular text-messaging service, but also an institution of the LMS or Long Messaging Service. So you can make and pour your heartto communicate things that you do not want to, verbal, without limiting the definition of space and boundaries.

This beautiful phone also offers a conference call that allows a three-way conversation. So if you want to throw a party on the phone, this is your place! The phone offers many unique and useful to a much lower price make it a good choice for people who have a basic characteristics of good communication do.


The CDMA LG is also marked with the right technology, as it often has a built-in antenna which provides excellent connectivity to catch signals and PC sync. They also have the ability to download your favorite tunes and songs by Reliance Telecom in this unit.

The battery of the LG 3000 is also very durable and will not disappoint. It has a total of 3.3 hours of talk time and 200 hours standby, which is still very good for a basic phone.

The LGPhone has a flash memory of 32 MB of RAM and a 16MD. Can store up to 300 phone book entries and a number of messages. All in all, if you are looking for a low-budget, sensitive LG CDMA 3000 can be a decent choice.


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