Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another Froyo OTA update for Nexus One users

Nexus One users should apperceive the assignment by now. Another incremental Froyo body has started rolling out over the air, this time it's body amount is FRF83. Is this the fabulous "final" adaptation of Froyo for the N1? I accept no abstraction yet, and I don't anticipate anyone abroad does, either. (FWIW: It's doubtful, as the Froyo cipher was just appear today, and, well, see Phil's added affidavit here.) If you're activity adventurous, download the OTA from Google HERE, accomplish abiding you're active the FRF50 amend with the banal recovery, and chase the simple instructions Phil has formed up for us all HERE. Holler out in the comments with success and failures. [xda-developers]


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