Wednesday, June 23, 2010

App Review : Apndroid


Android: When you sleep, in an event or not, drain the battery data, but may still want to call. APNdroid Android free application you can selectively disable access to data, whereas the questions.

The design of the application is malicious, that the activation of its APNdroid App button just activates the switch to GPRS EDGE and 3G, so you can use the icon as a widget on your screens APNdroid Android. Obviously you can not surf the web, or sync all your Google services, data services are disabled, or send MMS messages. But you have the basic functions of the phone and the battery will probably live a little 'longer without a system of satellite data constantly fed continuously. If you need a quick fix, but want to keep out mobile data services, you can always sync over Wi-Fi switch, or send an important message.

If a plug-in that the data could make to be activated and deactivated by application developers could, we would live in an era of control over Android.

APNdroid is a free download for Android phones only. Do not forget to warn the developer Note: If you uninstall APNdroid, foul and data services, or wrong / not existing Access Point Name to kill the application using the data stick, and you should instead. principal sponsors


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