Saturday, June 26, 2010

App Review : Fake Call Me

Fake-Call Me Pro provides the afterward options to accomplish the affected calls added believable and fun:

- use with absolute contacts and their associated ringtone and photo settings on buzz book. You can aswell adapt ringtone and vibration.

- accept from three pre-recorded choir to accredit in-call articulation playback already the affected alarm is answered. Anyone with ambiguous acting abilities this affection sounds like the absolute band-aid to the botheration that a lot of added affected alarm apps have, i.e. that you accept to allocution to yourself to accomplish the fake-call believable. The aggregate of the in-call articulation can be adapted and is played aback on the phone's alarm approach instead of the apostle phone. So the being sitting next or adverse to you will accept that you are demography a absolute call.

- use any pre-recorded audio voice(including your own recording) for in-call articulation playback.

- baddest altered contacts and agenda assorted affected calls to get yourself to bond out absolutely boxy situations.

- add fake-call to your phone's alarm log. so it looks as absolute as it can get!

- use fake-call accoutrement button on your home awning for quick fake-calling

Note: you should columnist the aback button to end a affected call.


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