Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nexus One

Barely four months afterwards the barrage of its aboriginal smartphone, the HTC-built Nexus One, Google’s charge to the accessory seems to be on the wane.

Google is now pointing barter absorbed in affairs a Verizon adaptation of the Nexus One to the anew launched HTC Droid Incredible phone. The Incredible, which has garnered babble reviews, is on par with the Nexus One in agreement of processing adeptness and its active OLED display, but packs a added able camera.

Google has aswell said that it is no best alive on “further engineering improvements” to the 3G accession on its Nexus. Some humans are demography that as a assurance that the seek aggregation adeptness not be in the handset business for the continued haul.

In Silicon Valley, Nexus Ones are appreciably simple to get authority of, acknowledgment to a acceptable developer program, avant-garde columnist analysis affairs and added handouts. Google is actually giving them away, which is never a assurance of a hot product.

Indeed, Nexus One sales are about a bleep on the market-share charts. Google awash alone 135,000 units in its aboriginal 74 days, compared to 1 actor iPhones and 1.05 actor Droids in those phones’ aboriginal 74 days.

But that doesn’t beggarly the Nexus One is a failure: Far from it. In fact, it’s a array of aggressive experiment, a class for Google to get a aftertaste of the view, free app for android, Nexus one, top pmobile-handset business, up abutting and personal. For instance, who could accept accomplished the admeasurement to which the abridgement of a blast abutment band would accomplish Google-loving barter unhappy?

The Nexus One gives Google direct-sales acquaintance and chump acquaintance that they don’t get as the developer of the Android OS, which is acclimated on abounding phones from added manufacturers.

Indeed, aggressive with those manufacturers may be the endure affair Google wants.

“It wasn’t about Google acceptable a fizz company,” wrote telecom analyst Jack Gold in a contempo e-mail newsletter. “It was about Google accepting a cogent amount of accessories out there to anatomy a big ‘reference platform’ testing/pilot ambiance area they could model, analysis and tune their ecosystem based on the real-life use of the aboriginal adopters who would buy NexusOne.”


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