Tuesday, June 22, 2010

App Review : Android Tunes

Android Tunes is an app for the Android belvedere that allows you to browse through chargeless ring tones directly. Unfortunately this app is absolutely just a carapace for the Android Tunes website and annihilation more.

The app is torn down into three altered tabs. The home tab provides 8 altered songs for you to browse through with a button to get added ringtones at the bottom. The brand tab allows you to added calmly browse through the altered ringtones the app has to offer. The favorites tab seems to be the 8 accomplished rated ringtones with a button at the basal to get added ringtones.

When you’re examination the account of ringtones, you’ll see an angel on the left, followed by the song name, the artisan and a appraisement out of 5 stars. Tapping on the account will cull up a contour for that specific ringtone that includes the adeptness to examination the song forth with the aforementioned advice you’ve already seen. Below all of that there’s a big Download Ringtone button.

You can’t download any ringtones through this app. If you wish to download something, you’ll charge to columnist the download button and go through the browser on your Android device. The ringtones are still free, it’s just arresting that this is about an abreast abortive app that just redirects you to their website. Besides the adeptness to examination the ringtone, abyssal through the website is a abundant simpler way to acquisition ringtones.


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