Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Advanced Task Manager - how to speed up your Android phone

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You definitely want an Advanced Task Manager to speed up your smartphone android the same way it works in your computer, right? As a smartphone needs, such as computers, perform various tasks in the foreground and background are at the same time they become available. As a result, it slows down the phone, battery by some unexpected accidents.

General considers that the mobile phone to accelerate, if not as many programs running simultaneously. Therefore, we canExit programs that have been used alone, but the phone is still slow. In reality, these programs have not met yet! Too many programs running in the background the phone is still slow. Although android OS said Task Manager, but it can be concluded only on the exchange between the software in the background, without stopping.

WIN XP as the operating system Android OS will automatically load as well as some commonly used services and applications, the slower the speed of the boat for your mobile phonea certain degree. So, to speed up your phone, you need a good manager and a job application, you can manage the startup list. Fortunately for you, here is an application called Advanced Task Manager, the two functions to get to you.

Useful and practical tool, it helps the tasks Android running processes and services to consumers, free up space in memory to speed up your phone and save battery. Then you can boot list to accelerate the speed of yourPhone-boat.

It 'also an uninstaller. You can easily remove the installed applications. It provides information on the system, including CPU, memory, SD card and battery.


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