Friday, January 14, 2011

Android Apps, help you lose weight

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Remember when a phone was just a phone? If you need to talk to someone, use the phone and that was all it was good for.

These days my phone can do the coolest things we saw as the tricorder from Star Trek in the sixties to do. My droid also has a sweet little app on it as a "tricorder". So it took me about using my phone as a tool for weight loss and when I went on the market and research, I was thinking, not disappointed.

I found some applications that are perfect to helpto lose weight.

Some, like CalorieCounter and FitSync are obvious, while applications like RockOn perhaps not quite so obvious.

So let's jump into it with your phone powered to lose weight (almost all of these applications are available for the iPhone is, by the way).

What you eat

Most diet plans will tell you that it is important to keep a food diary so that you will have an overview of all the foods that are filling up your face you can talk. But this is only slightlyAnother thing you forgot on the kitchen table when you travel. So often somewhere other than my wallet.

My phone, on the other hand, can also be connected to me - go with me everywhere. To have a program like CalorieCounter perfect on your's. You can follow all day (and it does all the calculations will also add calories and how many calories are in something), without keeping track of a food diary.

There areWeight Watchers also called a specific WWDiary.


Exercise is an important component of any successful weight loss program. And as you can imagine, there are already many applications that you can download, so you can stay on track with your workout. My favorite application in this category is FitSync. There are tons of videos, 500 different exercises that test (so you do not get bored) and 60 floors of fitness.


to do all android phones areequipped with a music player, but it's terrible ... the program that has been used to play music on my computer in 1999, better than this. Fortunately, free applications such as RockOn are pretty good. Do not load quite well, but very good enough to queue up your favorite workout songs.

Remember that studies have shown that listening to music has been shown to increase the intensity of training, which means you burn more calories and reduces body fat.

So there you have it - a variety of applications that you use to place canThe phone for you in your goal to lose weight work.


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