Monday, January 17, 2011

Handphone Android For Kids

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android Handphone for children is the latest theme in the parents. From simple games, doodling creative applications for educational storytelling, children are certainly spoiled for choice. We did get lucky enough to be able to hand a free Motorola android Phone a month ago. Now that we have four handphones, we decided to let the kids play with this phone free and you can never imagine what they did with him.

The very first day of the properties of the new laptop, downloading the children,with our consent, more than 20 applications for android, which were for children in a short period of time meant 10 minutes! Android Handphone considered too demanding for many generation Y, but it seemed a piece of cake for the children of Generation Z.

Seriously, my husband and I needed some first-hand how these issues Android Phone works, but my older son only less than ten minutes and the solution found. Amazing!

Since my sister bought the iPhone, the children wereplay Apps on the iPhone. We were very surprised to see iPhone games on Android Market. The kids downloaded Angry Birds, pizza, restaurant, PuzPenguin, Coin Frenzy, Tap Galaxy, Flick Fishing, Ninja, Free Tap Resort, Heads Will Roll, Ranch Rush, Tap extinct birds, Air Control Lite tilted, 3D Maze, Break The Blocks Lite , Disney Puzzle, Executioner, find differences, Paper Toss, PapiJump from Thunder 2, Excite Bike and the list goes on. In all, both my 5 and 7 years old boys loveRanging Thunder to play second

Android applications above are free and you can tell, are mostly games. However, many Handphone Android applications that are important for children, the teachers are very popular. These include Android Apps LOL Libs, MouthOff, Mystic Maggie Story Lite, Monkey Kick Off, Toddler Lock, Mini Smart Kids, BrainGoal, mathematics Carddroid See and Say, Playground & Ditto Dash and the list goes on.

Hand Android Phone for Kids is a good mix of fun, but it can alsoasset tracking gadget for the parents. There are several very useful in monitoring Android Apps market research on Android. The first three, I believe that most parents want their children to watch for safety are useful, namely: M-Spy, RL and IP Webcam Watcher

Download M-spy from the Android Market Android phone, you can set a PIN number. Once the PIN is set, Android phone and your children get Android phonenetwork and can therefore act as an error sound, no matter where you are.

For me the best RL Watcher created surveillance Apps so far. RL Watcher allows your remote Handphone Android common sense or movement. What if you're away from children and want to know how well the baby-sitter or your children at home? IP Webcam App downloaded with Android Android Phone Handphone have his hand in a webcam has been removed. With this you canNow place your Android phone home to check the children when you are on your work.

Whatever the purpose may be, always an Android phone for their children has its advantages.


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