Monday, January 24, 2011

Hero HTC Android Phone Review

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A mobile phone is a necessity for almost every individual in the world. A phone is extremely important for the purposes of communication and socialization. If you do not have a cell phone so you will not be able to come into direct contact with another person on a topic more important. Even if you have many good friends, then you would be in constant contact with them, if he was calling or sending an SMS. In this article we look at HTCHero android Phone. We have a look at the advantages, disadvantages, product specifications, technical specifications, customer reviews and the main phone features android HTC Hero.

First of all, this phone uses the Sprint wireless service coverage. Sprint is one of the numbers important telephone communication companies in the United States. They compete against the likes of Verizon and AT & T. Sprint tends to be at the bottom of the pack, but have greatly improved over the pastYears in relation to service plans and mobile coverage. The Hero HTC Android phone uses the Android operating system to power the phone. The Android operating system is relatively new, but there are tons of applications, you can choose. Like the Apple Store, you can choose the games, utilities, and many production applications. There are many free and paid applications available.

The screen measures only Android phone HTC Hero3.2 inches in diameter. This screen will offer something difficult with the on-screen keyboard and the screen. This was one of the most significant complaints of customers. One customer said that the keyboard was a bit 'confused, so he would come to the association of a letter, if you use your finger to control the keyboard trying.

What do you get with this phone? You can get a pretty decent camera ability to shoot 5-megapixel photos added.Sure, it would be better to get a real digital camera, but if you have great photos can be with this phone if you do not want to carry a camera around with him. In terms of battery life you can be up to five hours of talk time. This means that you can use your phone for at least four or five days before needing to recharge. The nice thing about this phone is its Wi-Fi service. Today, many public areas offer free Wi-Fi, so it would be for you, greatInstant access to the Internet on your phone.


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