Friday, January 28, 2011

Google Maps - As a guide

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satellite maps are a great resource to use when advertising for a site or to determine what the district and the road will look like from one place. There is an address that you've never been to? They want to know clients, what looks like the front of the building? Is there parking nearby? This is how to use Google Maps to your advantage.

The first step is to open a web browser and go to Google, click on the link at the top of the page labeled Maps. Next, typecompany name or address in the search bar at the top of the webpage. Make sure the border to help a city and state, if possible, please include the results. You can also find the company name and an address at the same time, a store nearby.

Once you have a card from a business address or point of reference is the ability to read and write a review, learning more information about the location, will have a path drawn on the search for a nearbyPosition, zoom, saving your position, "My Maps" and send the information. There is also information such as address, telephone number and website of the place you're looking for.

Google Maps also allows users to transport, a simple map, a map and a terrain map. When viewing a map, you can view a map of a street view by dragging the little stick figure at the top of the bar or by clicking on a specific Zoom-in/Zoom-outto see the direction of the road at the time of travel. Feel free to pull the photo of Street View, so as to rotate the image so that you see on the street and behind you! It 'also possible, up and down the street to see what the neighborhood looks, just click on the arrows at the center of the photo (on the white line, where the road is included). From the perspective of the road, you can also zoom in by double-clicking on the picture.

In the upper right corner of the card, pleasealways see three options: print, and links. Print allows you to create a simple map of the place came to print. The text allows you to send e-mail or a car, phone or GPS. They may be sent to multiple destinations and include a personal message. Link takes you to a link in an email or instant message can be used, or with HTML, can be used for a website.

Using the print, and link functions and the zoom-in and a view of the road is apowerful marketing tool and personal use. Google Maps ( is an easy to use tool that is both useful and free to use.


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