Monday, December 13, 2010

Photo Manager - Easily Mange Android Phone Photos

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Are your digital photos is growing in your phone? Want to save the trouble of managing PC? Photo Manager is the application you need. It is a multifunctional application to be used specifically for viewing, editing and managing digital photos only from the phone android. I think many people, especially girls want cell phones to take pictures of her, and then you need an easy wizards to organize and optimize your digital images.

It allowsto classify images according to time (the date) and folder (in alphabetical order), have a clear vision of the images. In addition, pictures taken by camera phone and a list of all the images are copied by other means. As known to all, including personal photos for the privacy that you do not, incidentally others.This instrument to be seen, this claim for you personal pictures, a folder to meet in order to collect the images private. Users mustEnter the password each time to enter this folder. You can share some personal pictures that you do not want others to see the function to hide the photos.

You can preview the images in the gallery, which is useful for viewing pictures one after another.Whether rotate, zoom and crop images, with the application, time is fast, easy and safe. They can also implement the function of automatic search and view files from the SD card every time the entry of this application.

In summary, we can sayPhoto Manager is a practical tool, the phone makes it easy to view, edit and organize digital photos from your android.


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