Wednesday, December 15, 2010

HTC Black Desire

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The new HTC Desire is now brown, a new black case next to the original model, the HTC Desire Black Edition has the same great features, technology and design are original listeners and put them in a sleek new black finish.

One of the most popular mobile phones on the market you are seeking, the desire to prove a problem for many networks and retail trade, with demand outstripping supply. This proves to be the new black HTC Desire even more popular withConsumers want a bit 'of exclusivity.

The main features of this new HTC phone has a 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen, 5.0 megapixel camera, a fast processor at 1GHz and the last 2.1 of the android operating system.

As an android phone of desire is granted access to more than 30,000 new applications and games to download at super fast speed 3.5G HSDPA technology as well, navigation is also Wi-Fi and GPS built-in wireless and satellite.

L 'The main competition for the HTC Desire is the latest Google Phone, the Nexus. This new phone called the 'Super' by Google is really from HTC for the giant of search engines, and in our honest opinion is inferior in terms of features compared to their wish-made model.

The Nexus is the old style trackball for navigating its menu system physics, but this is not excessive, as the multi-touch screen technology means that the user requires about accessMain screen.

The desire HTC replaced the trackball with an optical trackpad allows you to simply finger more like an optical mouse. The Nexus One also does not support 10.1 outside the Flash window, while the desire and the mobile phone, HTC is the user interface effect, which many argue, one of the best on the market.

The Black HTC Desire is a mobile network exclusively on the Orange network, this means that for a limited period of consumerBeing able to, deals, latest Android phone to connect this Orange contract. After this first exclusive of other network operators expired may also take the new Black Edition Android phone and we suspect that soon appear as a SIM free device a lot.

HTC has had a busy year so far introduced several new models including the Legend brand new version of HTC, which is running the same OS, Android 2.1, but the streamlined dimensions of pleasure and offersa 3.2-inch touch screen - is actually an upgrade for existing portable Hero.

Recently, the manufacturer has made available its new HTC HD mini-phone which is a more compact version of the popular HD2 are available for HTC devices based on Windows, but the new mini HD lose weight and mass of a touch screen 3 0.2 -inch offering HD2 massive 4.3-inch plant makes for some pocket money-friendly.

There is also a new Silver Edition HTC Desire on the road, even ifNo release date yet confirmed.


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