Friday, December 3, 2010

GT540 Vs LG Swift GW620

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Almost a year after the Korean mobile phone manufacturer, LG, its first android phone, the GW620, which then release a new model of android phone, the GT540. LG has given consumers a first look at their latest mobile phone model in January at the International Consumer Electronics Show. The event has confirmed rumors of a second android phone from LG that has been circulating online since last November.

LG The GT540 is equipped with various functionsto keep certain people with the mobile phone used. And like the GW620 the Swift is a 3G smartphone that supports the android operating system developed by Google. But how exactly is the difference to its predecessor? Let's take a look and see.

Difference in appearance

Take a look at two Android phones and you will see the difference outside of the models.

First, the size of the two phones. The GT540 is thin with dimensions of 109 by 55 by13 mm at the GW620 size of 109 by 54.5 by 15.9 mm contrast. The slender shape of the Swift makes it easy to grip. The Swift is also easier, since only 116 grams, it weighs 139 grams, while the GW620 Although both models have a 3.0 inch TFT touch screen with 256,000 colors display functions, the Swift does not come with GW620 is QWERTY keyboard.

The Swift has a unique design, with rounded upper and lower contrast to GW620 and curved smoothContours. The GT540 is available in different colors black, white and pink and GW620 in the black, gray and blue.

Their functions

Both the GT540 Swift LG GW620 and provide users with various messaging services such as email, IM, SMS and MMS, which allows mobile users to insert video, photos, music and other files in the message. Your phone can also book a series of numbers.

When it comes to internet connectivity, users can begood to provide users to connect to different agents and look on the Internet. Thus, both models are equipped with 3G HSDPA 7.2 Mbps, which can quickly and wireless technology, users of wireless Internet access on the move can go to connect.

The phones also support GPRS and EDGE. Both features provide high data transfer speeds when transferring files between the gadget. The standard feature of the micro-USB and Bluetooth for connecting to other gadgets, including wireless or cable isin both models.

When it comes to entertainment, both models are equipped with a camera (even if the GW620 has a higher MP camera with 5MP, 3MP unlike Swift), FM radio and music player that can play virtually any type of music in various formats file.

What distinguishes the Swift apart from its predecessors is its social networking site manager. This feature lets users have instant access to Facebook, Twitter, Bebo and other social networking sites. LG is proud of thisFunction for almost everyone wants to be updated on recent events.

Which is better?

The question is whether the GW620 Swift is better than the user's preference. Both phones provide users with basic services, advanced messaging and connectivity. But if you have a slim phone that can connect to the Internet and to facilitate access to social networking sites, so the Swift the right phone for you.


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