Sunday, December 12, 2010

The LG GW620 - The advantages of Android

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There are a lot of benefits for the owner of an android phone. Get ready to enjoy all these advantages with the LG GW620. The android mobile phone from LG has both a wide range of functions and menu options. Looking more like a notebook as small as a cell phone, there is much to expect the first Android phone from LG.

Mobile Application Capabilities

When it comes to mobile applications, this phone has it all. Performs a variety of mobileGW620 applications are no longer the case. This simply means that you have the market power of choice and download thousands of mobile applications for Android and mostly free from the regular mobile phone especially for you.

Features high speed

Since everything about the LG GW620 Android is, it takes more than broadband capabilities to meet your needs Android. With a mobile operating system Android, will be browsing experience on this phoneimpeccable. Additionally, this mobile operating system will ensure that all mobile applications to run smoothly.

Automatic face recognition Tagging Face-to-Action

This is one of the innovative features of the LG GW620. The phone will automatically recognize the faces of friends and family. The function of face-to-action of this phone, you can participate in activities of social networking, text and phone calls simply by touching only their faces on your phoneScreen.

Threaded SMS and Instant Messaging

Instant messaging or IM is always a problem with traditional phones. With a QWERTY keyboard with five rows, will never be a problem with this phone from LG. In addition, text messages in a threaded format, such as IMS. This simply means that you can easily keep track of all your SMS messages.

Push e-mail in real time

When it comes to checking your e-mail, you do not need to check your mail on this phone.With push e-mail in real time, is easy to see the notification when you have incoming emails. This means that you are getting incoming e-mail whenever you can get more information.

The Handy Book Link

Connect with Facebook, you can be sure that your stay in any social network in real time here. With this feature, you must always keep in touch with family and friends.

With all this, your mobile experience to be anything but boring. With the LG GW620 you get all the benefits ofan Android phone.


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