Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Compare Android - Droid EVO X Vs HTC 4G

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He recently created two well-known companies, Motorola and HTC, new phones, which many have received high remarks: Motorola HTC Droid Evo X and 4G. Both are equipped with tons of features and the same operating system to run on android 2.1 lets you run multiple applications simultaneously. But which phone is better? Let's find out.

The X-Droid is looking for a truly elegant mobile phone and is provided with a OMAP 3630 processor running at 1 GHz, which by many as thefastest on the market and is the reason why this phone is the best smartphone out there multitasking, not multiple applications simultaneously. Some of the most remarkable features of the phone is its 4.3-inch touchscreen and 720p up to 40 GB of disk space. HD internal 8 GB to 32 GB on a MicroSD card Other features include an 8 MP camera, DLNA compatibility with HDMI micro, 3G capabilities, and 3 microphones for noise reduction and better voice quality. smartphone canbe used as a hot spot, so you can use your phone to other phones to connect to the Internet.

Now we want to examine, Evo 4G. As you can probably see from the name, it has 4G capacity, which is pretty sweet. Just like with the HTC Motorola has a 4.3''high-definition display and can be used as a hot spot. HDMI provides an interface allows you to connect your telephone touch on a large TV that is really useful for watching videos. It has an 8 MP camera in the back and a different, 1.3 MP cameraforward so that video calls are easy. While 4G makes the Internet faster, as available, not available anywhere and makes you pay a larger mobile phone bill. It also has a 1 GHz CPU Snapdragon, one of the fastest processors out there and supports multi-tasking, but it is not quite as fast as the Droid.

As you can see both the Evo X and 4G Droid, tons of features are similar, so it was hard to decide which was best touch phone. But afterConsidering all the data was the clear choice for me.


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