Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What do you know about Android Phones?

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Developers of mobile phone for all major networks have started with the android operating system for their phones. You've probably heard that the "Google Phone" is, other smartphones a run for popularity. It 'true that Google's mobile phones are increasingly popular. This is probably because cell phones that are currently published, are modeled after existing and popular smartphone. Google has been careful, what the public wants andvery difficult to give him what he wants. Here are some interesting facts about cell phones that android operating system, running that you may not know already.

Did you know that android OS users do not pay so often for applications to iPhone users? We found a recent study that half of all iPhone owners are questions that are not cost you pay for shows. The same study shows that about twenty percent of phone users pay only for android applications. Although this is probablyIn some, if the section of the current demand Android market gets bigger, for now, the less financial responsibility of the iPhone users as Android users. That may not seem like something more, but for some people is very important to praise! In general, the Android OS phones are cheaper than other smartphones. The cost is usually at least a few hundred dollars for an iPhone or a Blackberry now. At the same time, many mobile operators allow customers to take homeAndroid phones for free as a reward for renewing their contracts. So, without dropping hundreds of dollars, you can use all options of the same text, the owners of other smartphones. To help people save money is a good way to shine brighter than the competition. Finally, there is no reason, three or four hundred dollars to spend, if it is not necessary.

Right now there are rumors that Google might say the creation of Android, the memory cardStorage capacity. This was one of the most important on the Apple iPhone Google Android phones in the past had. If this is done for Android phones will totally change the index of popularity between the two phones. Do not be surprised if you see, now Android, which is a memory card, memory cards make the iPhone can get pretty lame. Google is known for its level of competitiveness - they want the best and brightest in theirMarkets.

You can probably think of many reasons to select phones available for Android in the smartphone are the others. The fact is that the Android operating system is amazing. We are not saying that just because we are fans of the operating system, we say it because it's true! The Android system updates are released all the time and because the system is based on open source, can develop in all applications and upgrades for them. Android phones could not have the popularity that the otherSmart phones have, but that will change very soon. Soon, the Google phone, no doubt, become at least as popular (if not more popular) than "traditional" models of smartphones.


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